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Weekly MMA News

Floyd Mayweather wins the big money fight

In what was being dubbed as the ‘fight of the century’, Mayweather has defeated the notorious McGregor in this high stakes fight. The current UFC lightweight champion squared off against Floyd Mayweather in the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. With months of hype, speculation and trash talking between the two fighters, this fight sure did live up to its build. The opening moments of the fight saw McGregor take a far more aggressive approach with some perfect jabs and upper cuts. While Mayweather, on the other hand, puts up a defensive shield and his movements were also quite slow. Age was finally catching up with one of the best boxers in the world. Connor McGregor was quite nimble and frequently changed his stance to land another right in round 4. But after the halfway, things began to change as McGregor started to tire out. Mayweather started his onslaught of punches as McGregor desperately tried to jab his way out. Round 10 saw the Irishman standing on just pure will as Mayweather connected with his rights. He put a final nail in the coffin with a hard right forcing the referee to call for a TKO. Check out our Anthony Joshua best odds here.

UFC president on the historic fight

It looks like Dana White has had enough of MMA fighters versus boxers. The UFC president lauded Connor McGregor after his fight against Floyd Mayweather. Unfortunately, things did not go according to the plan for the MMA team as Mayweather ended up winning the 10 round money fight via a TKO. This had to sting a bit for White, who spent a remarkable time promoting this fight on a global scale. He had even predicted a McGregor win within the first few rounds with a knockout. Speaking in post-match conference, White was pleased with McGregor’s performance in a different ring. When questioned whether Connor would fight a professional boxer again or not, he made it clear that it rather not happen. White wanted his star fighter to go back into the octagon, where he is at his best. He was not even considering a cross over match between UFC fighters and boxers in the future. This was a rare event with two top fighters and White does not see another fight like this.

Ex UFC champion calls out Connor McGregor

It looks like McGregor cannot catch a break. Now that the entire boxing debacle is over, McGregor is looking at a long list of contenders at UFC. This time the callout has come in the form of, former UFC lightweight champion, Rafael dos Anjos. When Anjos was in the UFC, McGregor was the feather weight champion, and a match was scheduled between the two. But a broken foot took him out at UFC196. Now that the Brazilian is back, he is looking for his match against the Irishman. 


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