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Tyson Fury to Fight Again in August

Tyson Fury to Fight Again in August

Tyson Fury to Fight Again in August

Tyson Fury to fight again in August, after his comeback this month.

Fury has plans of securing a world title before the end of the year, and after beating Sefer Seferi, we can expect the outspoken Tyson to call out his next target.

This was a rather one-sided match with Tyson Fury dominating until Seferi simply couldn’t take it anymore. This was the first time Fury had fought in two and a half years. His last fight was against Wladimir Klitschko.

After the match, Fury said, “Frank’s going to keep me busy, and I’m going to have a world title by the end of the year—that’s a promise.”

Fury further went on to say, “It felt fantastic. It was like I had my debut again. It’s been a long time out of the ring, and I needed to get some rounds in.

Fury’s next fight is scheduled for August 18 in Belfast at Windsor Park. He will also be fighting Tony Bellew later on in the year.
His Promoter Frank Warren said, “At the 18th of August at Windsor Park in Belfast. That’s where he’ll be. As he said from the beginning, it’s a process. It’s about him getting the rust from the system.

“As you can see, he still has some weight to lose; you can see he needs the rounds, and we just have to step up the opponents each time. The name of the game now is to find an opponent.”

The Plan


The plan here is for Fury is to keep getting more fights, and if he keeps winning, he will be set for a world title shot.
Height is undoubtedly on Fury’s side as Sefer Seferi had a hard time landing decent shots. 6 feet 9 inches seemed to be a bit too much for Seferi.

If Fury’s fans wanted to see him make a great comeback after such a long time away from the ring, he certainly did not disappoint.

Once Seferi found that his shots simply lacked to fulfil their purpose, he quit on the stool in the 4th round.
It may have been a good fight for Fury, but one thing remains clear, he is still a long way towards achieving his goals as a world champion, and the calibre of fighters needs to keep going up.

On the other hand, critics say that the matchmaking was mediocre in the least. Fury was set up against an opponent who was not only a foot shorter but weighed five stones less. However, Fury himself does expect to face better-matched challengers from here on end.

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