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Russian politician took a not so subtle dig at Conor McGregor

Russian politician took a not so subtle dig at Conor McGregor

Russian politician took a not so subtle dig at Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor and the majority of the World do not really see eye to eye, and the eccentric superstar can be a little overwhelming and ‘cocky’ at times. The recent build up to Conor vs. Khabib showdown is a distant dream due to legal glitches. Conor has a history of trash talking and in recent memory the one with Mayweather wasn’t a hit. However, this time the trash talking irked a few people and among them were a Russian politician.


McGregor has taken digs at Khabib and his father on a regular basis to the build up to October 6 showdown at UFC 229. He went a bit too far and took a dig at Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov, a personality famous throughout Chechen region. McGregor called Khabib’s father a ‘quivering coward’ and said that the Chechen locals would agree to it. He called Ramzan a crazy leader and the people’s respect towards his is born out of fear more than anything.


Chechen foreign minister Dzhambulat Umarov was approached by Govorit Moskva to speak on the comments and he paid his respect to Conor for his success. However, he launched a scathing attack by first calling him an “outrageous clown” and then compared him to a inimitable showman. Umarov went a step further and questioned Conor’s mental status as his baseless spurts against Khabib and his father were nothing more than a desperate show-off.

When asked about his comments on Ramzan, he said that Conor’s use of foul language does not threaten their leader’s dignity and honour one bit. He also questioned Conor and his ability to stand true to his words. He was then compared to a ‘Mexican Cockerel’, which somehow seemed inappropriate.


Conor is yet to make his return to the Octagon and both on and off field issues are now taking a toll on his legacy. He has brazenly called out Lesnar and Khabib before getting a shot at the Russian. MMA fights are deemed incomplete without good trash talk, but political innuendos can always turn this into an unresolvable mess.

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