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Rocky Fielding Wins World Title in Germany

Rocky Fielding Wins World Title in Germany

Rocky Fielding Wins World Title in Germany

Rocky Fielding Wins World Title in Germany at super-middleweight.

Germany may be the downfall of many a British boxer, but this time it was Rocky Fielding who took the title away from Tyron Zeuge in a sensational 5th round match to claim the WBA World super-middleweight title.

Going into the fight, Fielding was the clear underdog considering his opponent was previously undefeated. However, with a well-aimed upper-cut Zeuge went straight down. Being the worthy combatant that he is Zeuge did his best to get back on his feet and continue the match, but the fight couldn’t go on, his team had thrown in the towel.

Rocky Fielding’s team could now celebrate knowing that the journey to the Baden-Arena, Offenburg was worth the trip.
The win saw Fielding join the ranks of James Degale and Carl Froch. He also joins George Groves who is another super-middleweight champion.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Rocky Fielding said, “it feels amazing, it feels brilliant, the fact that I have come to the champion’s backyard and stopped him.
“I just stuck to the game plan. I knew he was a very good fighter and I had a lot on it. This was my chance and what would I have done if I hadn’t done it?
“This was my dream, I left on Tuesday and said to my little boy, I’d be back in Monday with the belt.”

Rocky Fielding

Rocky Fielding Wins World Title in Germany
Rocky Fielding Wins World Title in Germany

30-year-old Rocky Fielding was determined to bring home a world title especially after England were defeated in the world cup.
During the first round, he was already showing top form as he landed a couple of good shots. Tyron Zeuge may have demonstrated that he could take it, but he looked quite uncomfortable after that.

During the second round, Zeuge tried to make a comeback but was outboxed by the Brit as Fielding took advantage of his size. A reckless lunge by the Berliner saw him receive some good shots from the Brit.

The third round was when Fielding really showed dominance and delivered a combination of four heavy punches. While he may have received a good right shot himself from Zeuge, Fielding came off on top.

By the fourth round, Zeuge was hanging on as the match saw Fielding send a right shot to the head followed by a series of body shots.
By the time the fourth round was over, Fielding knew he had Zeuge just where he wanted.

He sent a well-aimed left hook in the fifth which caught Zeuge well, sending him to the ropes and the floor. The match was over, and the Brit had taken the WBA World super-lightweight title.

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