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Povetkin Joins Anti-doping Programme

Povetkin Joins Anti-doping Programme

Povetkin Joins Anti-doping Programme

After much pressure, Povetkin Joins Anti-doping Programme.

Russian boxer and next opponent for Anthony Joshua, Alexander Povetkin recently signed for an anti-doping programme.

He is set to challenge AJ for his heavyweight titles. After the WBA ordered the current reigning heavyweight champion to reach an agreement with Alexander Povetkin.

Back in 2016. Povetkin failed a drug test after he was discovered to be using them to enhance his performance. Now he has voluntarily joined the VADA programme which he confirmed on his Twitter page on Sunday.

The titanic clash between Povetkin and Anthony Joshua will take place sometime in September. This was after AJ, and Deontay Wilder failed to reach an agreement on a unification match.

After being granted a month, the WBA president stepped in and ordered AJ to reach a deal with Povetkin.
Promoter Eddie Hearn said, “If its Povetkin, it will be in September, that’s for sure, and then we fight Wilder straight after he signs a contract.”

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Povetkin Joins Anti-doping Programme
Povetkin Joins Anti-doping Programme

Anthony Joshua has also acknowledged the move and has himself joined the anti-doping programme as the two camps move closer to closing the deal. The Voluntary Anti-Doping Programme welcomed the heavyweights with open arms.

Tony Bellew had something to say about the bout between the AJ and Povetkin. He claims that the Russian is a completely different fighter when he is on performance-enhancing drugs but will not stand a chance against AJ if it turns out to be a clean fight.

Bellew also claimed that after speaking to different people who have sparred with Povetkin, it’s simple to tell when he is on performance-enhancing drugs. He said, “they have openly said to me, he’s a ferocious animal when he is on drugs, but they see and feel the difference sparring with him when he isn’t on them.

“He’s a completely different man when he’s on drugs. I have no problem saying that I would absolutely annihilate Povetkin if he wasn’t on drugs. But if he’s on drugs, I haven’t got a hope. That’s the harsh reality.”

However as much as Povetkin isn’t very popular with boxing fans, he has made quite the move by joining the anti-doping programme. He can now reassure fans that he is clean and that the fight with AJ will be fair and square.

That said, there are those who believe that this time Joshua will be looking for a clean knockout after his 12-round fight with New Zealander Joseph Parker.

Povetkin Joins Anti-doping Programme, after much pressure on the heavyweight to do so. Povetkin is set to meet Anthony Joshua next in September.

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