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Parker To Train at Haye’s Gym

Parker To Train at Haye’s Gym

Parker To Train at Haye’s Gym

Joesph Parker To Train at Haye’s Gym ahead of his PPV fight against Dillan Whyte.

New Zealand’s Joseph Parker is set to fight Briton Dillian Whyte later on this month. His promoter David Higgins has revealed that to prepare for the match, Parker will be training at retired boxer’s David Haye’s gym.

This is not the first time that Haye has opened his doors to the 26-year-old Parker. He also supported Parker when he was training for his unification match against Anthony Joshua.

In an interview with Sky Sports Higgins said, “same as usual, park plaza, the Riverbank hotel, and as far as I know, he’ll be using the same David Haye gym.

“David seems to have been very good to us from our first fight up there. David’s been very helpful were very grateful.”

Higgins also said that he would expect Parker and Haye to discuss tactics and the good thing is that the gym and the hotel where Parker will be residing are not too far away. Haye could give Parker some useful tips on how to outmanoeuvre and outbox the sometimes hard-headed Dillian Whyte.

Joseph Parker’s record stands at 24-1 with 18 KOs and Whyte 23-1 with 17 KOs. The fight will be held at the O2 Arena on July 28th.


Parker To Train at Haye’s Gym
Parker To Train at Haye’s Gym

Whyte sees this fight as a ladder towards a bout with world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. The last time Whyte and AJ met, it was Whyte who came out second best after losing by technical knockout back in 2015. That is his only defeat to date.

Considering his previous encounters with Whyte, Haye knows a thing or two about Parker’s next opponent. However, that said, Whyte is not a very complicated fighter.

He only has a couple of moves that he uses to his advantage, and by now we can expect that Parker knows them as well.
For one, Whyte is limited as far as stamina goes and his chin is vulnerable. If Parker can up the pace of the match, he will have Whyte panting within the first few rounds and can then drive his advantage home.

Dillian Whyte will have the backing of his home fans, however, and this could be a huge motivation for him.
As Parker nears the final phase towards the fight, David Haye’s move to welcome parker into his gym may further heighten the animosity between the Whyte and Haye.

Parkers promoter David Higgins, however, says that the move to train at Haye’s gym is nothing personal. He said, “I’m sure Dillian does understand that Joe does need to use a gym. It’s business and Haye understands that it’s business.
“Everyone likes Joseph; he’s a likeable guy. Haye and our team get on well.”

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