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MMA headlines for October 2018

Dana White and Nate Diaz at each other, again

Nate Diaz and Dana White aren’t really the best of friends, and their relationship has strained over the years. However, Diaz has cooled off and White has other things to worry about. UFC 230 was all about Nate Diaz’s return, but Dustin Poirier’s last-minute withdrawal following an injury has ticked off Diaz who doesn’t want to fight a last-minute replacement. This has again propelled an intense cold war between White and Diaz, as the former expected it to be an ultimate showdown.

White shrugged off the hype surrounding the Diaz fight, and in a nonchalant way said that Diaz’s headache was given to somebody else, but his nature has got to that person as well, and frustration is growing among the administration body. Diaz can be a little hard to please, and his recent history vouches for it. White has exclaimed that he will not invest further time in Diaz’s whims, and he will only get him a match if he is “dying for it”. Diaz is a cult hero, but his antics with White and his administration is surely nothing to be attracted to.


Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager will not give in to McGregor’s heartfelt post

McGregor’s Instagram post, which received nearly 3million likes, and prompted many to admire his humility, has not gone well with Khabib’s manager who asked him to shut up and carry on with his business. McGregor in a long post had revealed his wrongdoings, Khabib’s strong points, and what he could have done. Ali Abdelaziz called him out as a weak soul and asked his sorry arse to not make childish excuses. Ali broke into McGregor’s defences with brutal criticism and made some good points.

Nurmagomedov and his team aren’t interested for a Conor rematch, and he had more scathing words in store for McGregor. He asked McGregor to open a liquor store, which may be an implication to his Irish ancestry. He asked McGregor to “STFU and move on”.


Ricardo Lamas and Darren Elkins given a ray of hope

It looked like Lamas and Elkins had to endure a long run before a shot at the Featherweight title, but they are pitted against each other at UFC Argentina Main event. Lamas is having a tough time after his defeat to Mirsad Bektic. Lamas has been a title contender previously with his record standing at 9-5. Elkins who has a record of 24-6 has been rising through the ranks quickly after being a slow starter. Elkins is coming on the back of six victories and a single loss, and his victories included the succumbing of Bektic and Michael Johnson.

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