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Mayweather Jr v McGregor

Is he serious??
Apparently, according to Colin Cowherd, there is Intel surfacing that a matchup between Conner McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr has been scheduled to take place in Las Vegas around mid-September this year.
01_09140610_2b416c_2633787aI mean seriously, if Conor McGregor thought he was hit hard by Nate Diaz, who cleaned him out when they last fought, then he has a total serious wakeup call coming his way when Mayweather Jr connects with his jaw. It is obviously more an “Event” than a fight as quite honestly McGregor is as skilled as a boxer as Sylvester Stallone.
Granted that in Mayweather’s last Pay Per View gates his following dramatically reduced, numbers quoted were in the region of half a million subscribers as opposed to his normal two or three million followers. McGregor as we already know has a solid fan based of both lovers who admire and worship him to just as many who enjoyed every second of his last crushing defeat to Diaz and loathe his wide mouth tactics. It is no surprise that the potential reach generated between CBS, Showtime, Fox, UFC and both Mayweather and McGregor could go through the roof and generate massive revenue, the question has to be asked, what does it do for either fighter?
Mayweather Jr has dominated the boxing game for as far back as you care to remember, he is worth millions and has nothing to prove against someone like Mcgregor, I would be bold enough to say that if Mayweather Jr takes the fight seriously and goes at McGregor from the bell then it will probably take Mayweather Jr longer to walk into the ring than it will knock out Mcgregor.
McGregor should really concentrate on rebuilding his MMA career after it was left in tatters having been finally shut up once and for all by Nate Diaz who made McGregor tap out. McGregor is a world class fighter, there is no doubt about that, and he is not a quiet man when it comes to press and media, but he is not a Professional Boxer, and this will be a lamb to the slaughter if the fight goes ahead and Mayweather takes it seriously.
So what do you think, can you see any way in which McGregor can survive let alone beat Mayweather Jr?

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