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Lewis Ritson Blows Paul Hyland Jr Away

Lewis Ritson Blows Paul Hyland Jr Away

Lewis Ritson Blows Paul Hyland Jr Away

Lewis Ritson blows Paul Hyland Jr away, to win the British Title outright.

Ritson took out Paul Hyland Jr in sensational style to secure the British Lightweight title. At just 24 years, it only took him eight months to win the belt that he had once taken from Robbie Barret sometime last year in October.

It seems Ritson is in a league of his own now after winning his previous three fights inside the distance. The Sandman went up against Joe Murray in February and Scott Cardle in March only to follow up on his unbeaten streak at the Metro Radio Arena against Paul Hyland Jr.

The man from Belfast, Hyland tried to meet Ritson’s aggression but couldn’t quite match up and went down three times.
After the match, Lewis Ritson said, “Every belt that I win will go on my dad’s mantlepiece, not mine. He has trained me since I was 8 years old.” Ritson then went ahead to pass on the belt to his father.

“With support like this, Eddie Hearn cannot go anywhere else,” Ritson continued.
Hearn agreed to the words of Ritson and said that he was now ready to venture into the European class where the belt is currently under the possession of Edis Tatli and should afterwards consider going for a world title.

While the word is Ritson will be heading out on holiday with his lovely girlfriend, there is a high chance that we are going to see more of him before the year ends.

The Rise Of Ritson

Lewis Ritson Blows Paul Hyland Jr AwayLewis Ritson Blows Paul Hyland Jr Away
Lewis Ritson Blows Paul Hyland Jr Away

Lewis Ritson, however, has not always had such spectacular performances. In fact, before October 2017, he has had to take fights further into the ending rounds and hadn’t had much success.

However, thanks to his recent fights, his popularity as one dangerous fighter has reached new heights. What is clear based on his past performances is that Ritson as much as he is a good boxer could cave under the pressure of a harder hitting opponent.

For some fans, the fight against Paul Hyland went as expected even if people didn’t think it would end so fast, they would have guessed that Ritson was going to come out on top.

Hyland had an 18-0 record but had never fought in front of such a huge fan base. He was also fighting outside his come country.

Considering the previous successes that Ritson was enjoying, he was coming into the match feeling very confident and was fighting in front of his home fans.

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