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Latest MMA News (Week 5 November 2018)


Reagan Penn picked up the wrong fight after arriving in Brazil to help brother B.J. Penn

Reagan Penn was on his way to Brazil to help brother BJ Penn for his upcoming fight, but the Brazilian Police had other plans. Reagan is said to have assaulted three people in Botafogo and Wednesday night and is now facing serious charges against him. BJ Penn couldn’t have felt more angst about his Dec 29 fight against Ryan Hall at UFC 232. In a tweet by the Military Police they labelled Reagan as an ‘aggressive American’ and Fire unit had to be called to take Reagan to the hospital.

Reagan is rumoured to have left for Hawaii on the next morning, while BJ will continue with his preparation. Reagan isn’t a known face in MMA due to his short stint, but much like his brother he is an expert in jiu-jitsu. This is not the first time Reagan has got into trouble; in January 2017 he got into a tussle with the flight crew and had been apprehended at the Los Angeles airport with BJ’s fight a couple of days away at that time.


KSW’s Martyn ‘Nightmare’ Ford was once considered a future International Cricketer

KSW’s policy to infuse brilliance with a competitive edge has seen it grown into a premier sport brand in Europe, but when they decided to enrol a 6 ft 8-inch giant, many had a good laugh at its expense. Unfazed by the criticism and negative attitude of ’40-year olds’, Martyn revealed that his never die attitude came from a time when his granddad died, and a terrible injury coincided to put a permanent stop to his cricketing dreams. Once a trainee at ECB, Ford was considered a future player from the age of 12.

However, his decision to be a fitness instructor made many question his motif, but Martyn has always opted for silent replies. Ford has also dipped his hands in Hollywood, and could well start featuring in action flicks, but he has pledged his alliance with KSW, and his passion for sports is undeterred. Ford has more than 1.5 million followers on his Instagram handle, and is quite a hit for his beneficial fitness videos. Ford has also participated in discus, shot put, and javelin throw, which shows how dedicated he can be towards sports.


Yoshihiro Akiyama aka Sexyama is set to take centre stage at ONE Championship

At first, ChatriSityodtong, CEO of ONE Championship, and then ‘Sexyama’ himself announced on social media that a collaboration has been reached, and the 43-year old veteran will return to the thick of things. Akiyama’s introduction will see him join the list with Demetrious Johnson, Eddie Alvarez, and Miesha Tate. His division is yet to be revealed, but the veteran has had experience in both welterweight and middleweight.

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