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Latest MMA News

Tate expresses her feelings towards Ronda

Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey don’t really look into the eyes of each other, and the former has expressed her feelings stating that she wouldn’t bother to say Hello if she spotted her rival anywhere. Tate and Ronda have a thrilling history between them, but even after Tate’s retirement, it looks like they aren’t ready to have a nice cup of coffee together. Tate retired after the UFC 205 loss to Raquel Pennington but enjoyed the distinction of being the Strikeforce and UFC Bantamweight Champion.

It all started when Ronda defeated Tate to win the Strikeforce battle where Ronda lifted the Bantamweight title, and matters got more interesting during the UFC 168 rematch. Tate said that she doesn’t really hate Ronda, and it would be harsh to use the word hate. However, she does not approve of Ronda, and there is no problem admitting that. Tate admitted that it was the incidents inside the ring that sparked such mutual disagreement between the two. Get our Anthony Joshua enhanced odds here.

The MMA World is divided whether it was a push over or a knockdown

After the release of the sparring video shared by UFC Dana White, the social media has been taken by storm, and many have pointed fingers at Conor including Jeff Mayweather, Floyd’s father. Paulie Malignaggi remains firm that it was a mere push down and nothing else. Max Holloway mocked Paulie’s statement and said that it might be a new trend of getting punched where you refer it as a pushdown. Conor has garnered quite a few haters over the years, and it looks like they are going all guns blazing right now.

A humorous CM Punk video surfaced

CM Punk who dazzled the WWE stage once has now entered the dirty world of MMA, and his opponent AK Askar is giving him no slack at all. In a short video, Askar showed a clip where Punk is supposedly hanging up t-shirts, and Askar termed it as a shortage of promotional ideas. Punk is yet to comment on the video, but it looks like Aksar is ready to play dirty.

Heather Hardy ready to take the stage at Bellator 185

Heather Hardy had a dream MMA debut and is set to return to the thick of things this October. The MMA Hour announced her 20th October 185 Bellator faceoff, taking place at Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville. Hardy boasts of an incredible boxing resume with 20-0 to her name in her five years boxing career.  Her MMA debut showed that she is no pushover, and can handle the competitive environment with ease. Hardy defeated Alice Yauger in her debut match. Bellator 185 is expected to dish out few surprises, and a Hardy win might be on the cards.

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