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Latest MMA News

16 seconds is all it takes for Gabi Garcia

Brazilian MMA phenomenon Gabi Garcia continues to dominate her opponents with the latest news being her ending a fight in just 16 seconds. Garcia got back into the ring against Oksana Gagloeva at RIZIN and the fight ended in 16 seconds. But Garcia did not win the bout. In the very first exchange, Garcia accidentally poked Gagloeva’s eyes after which her opponent immediately took to the ground resulting in a no-contest. Garcia after the fight said she will challenge the decision as Gagloeva was barely injured and the doctor cleared her to continue but she chose not to. Garcia being 4-0 in her career there was very little Gagloeva could have done to salvage the situation though. Check all the latest football betting tips here.

Dana White – John Jones saga continues

UFC President Dana White has revealed that he has ceased all forms of communication with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones after he pulled out of UFC 200 citing a potential USADA violation. He says that Jones has finally showed him his true colours and that no friendship exists between the two of them anymore. After Jones made quick work of Daniel Cormier in the third round on Saturday Dana was seen praising the champions’ performance stating it as “incredible” backstage. Though there have been no talks of a public reconciliation, however Jones’s manager Malki Kawa has hinted that the issues will get worked out between the two of them fairly quickly. Kawa believes that there will be no repercussions to Jones’s comments on White and that he is still willing to work for UFC. Kawa believes that the misunderstanding will get cleared up if they both just sit down and have a talk.

CM Punk to return to UFC?

After losing to Mickey Gall in his UFC203 debut, popular WWE wrestler CM Punk was not keen on taking on other fights. He failed to generate any offense against a faster, stronger and younger opponent. Although Punk called it a tremendous learning experience and vowed to return to the ring as soon as possible, nearly 11 months have elapsed without any news from his part. But a recent post from his trainer Duke Roufus, Punk is looking into a second fight in his UFC career though a potential opponent was not listed on the post. UFC President Dana White on being asked about giving Punk another go in the ring had stated that it was not entirely impossible but was in all probability not going to happen. But with a potential fight on the cards CM Punk looks to make a return to UFC. A Punk vs. Gall fight would be optimal but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.


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