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Groves Fit For WBSS Final

Groves Fit For WBSS Final

Groves Fit For WBSS Final

George Groves fit for the WBSS final, after being cleared by doctors.

The World Boxing Super Series final remains a British affair after Gorge Groves was declared fit to face fellow Briton Callum Smith for the bout. Groves says that he is “supremely confident” that he will win.

“I am looking forward to getting back to work and winning the Ali Trophy.”  Said the thirty-year-old boxer whose chances hang on the balance after a shoulder dislocation sustained in his fight against Chris Eubank Jr.

At the same time, the WBSS has pushed the finals form June, ostensibly to give Groves enough time to recover.

Kalle Sauerland, WBSS boxing director, said, “Groves vs Smith is the most ideal final,” adding that they had to push the dates of the finals back so to give Groves enough time to recover for what he called the “ incredible match-up.”

Groves appreciatively acknowledged that he is on the path to recovery.”The injury recovery has been fine; it is just like we said it would be. It was a dislocated shoulder that required surgery to stabilise the joint.”

Recovery from an arm injury is a huge factor in determining the engagements of a boxer, considering that he needs his hands to punch and stop punches among other tasks.

The Final

Groves Fit For WBSS Final
Groves Fit For WBSS Final

The journey to the finals has been spectacular, with elite boxers engaging in equally thrilling matches. Even with the postponement of the finals, the WBSS has created a refreshing breathe into world boxing, with promises of increasing the categories in the next season. In spite of teething problems, it is evident that WBSS will be influential in determining the next breed of top world boxers.

At the beginning of the season, Sauerland expressed his excitement about the Super Series tournament saying;

“All we’re doing is adding a stand-out event akin to the Tour de France in cycling, Wimbledon in tennis, and The Open Championship in golf.”

If the calibre of fighters, the level of competitiveness and the top prize for the tournament is anything to go by, then the inaugural WBSS has achieved a status that is not easy to challenge.


The willingness of the organisers to move the dates back for the finals is one indicator of their readiness to adjust accordingly and give match fans what they deserve.

“By pushing the super-middleweight final date back as far as we can, we are giving fans the biggest chance of seeing this incredible match-up.” Said, Sauerland.

Liverpudlian Callum Smith, 28, is equally excited to face Groves at the finals. The unbeaten champion said that it is one fight he has adequately prepared for.

“I am really happy it is going to be Groves rather than anyone else, it is the fight the fans want too.” Smith expressed his excitement to have a chance at a world title.

“I have been waiting for a world title fight and feel like I have been unlucky at missing out on opportunities, but now I’ve finally got it.”

The clash between Groves and Smith for the Mohammed Ali Trophy and the WBSS Title is a thrilling affair. In his 28 fights, Groves has lost only three while Smith is unbeaten in 24 bouts.

Although the date and venue are set yet, that the inaugural WBSS tournament will close on a high note is evident.

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