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Deontay Wilder Could face Tyson Fury “very very soon.”

Deontay Wilder Could face Tyson Fury “very very soon.”

Deontay Wilder Could face Tyson Fury “very very soon.”

Deontay Wilder Could face Tyson Fury “very very soon.” After Frank Warren told the world a deal was almost done.

Daggers are drawn, and a fight between unbeaten heavyweight Deontay Wilder and the “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury could happen sooner than earlier anticipated.

Following the failed talks between Wilder and British champion Anthony Joshua, Wilder has turned his eyes to Fury.

For Fury, the fight against wilder will largely depend on his performance against Francesco Pianeta on August 18 at Belfast.

Fury’s promoter Frank Warren is deeply convinced that they are in a position to counter Wilder.

Warren said, “If I didn’t think he was ready I wouldn’t put him forward.”

Fury is on a comeback mission after more than 30 months off the ring.

On July 9, Fury smoothly ran over Sefer Seferi in his first comeback bout, and his performance against Pianeta will be critical in determining the next steps in his career.

Wilder,32, has expressed optimism that the fight will happen very soon.

“We’re very very close,” Said Wilder, “Closer than Joshua and me could ever get in a lifetime. It’s definitely going to happen; there’s no doubt. There’s just a little work to be done.”

Las Vegas has been touted as the possible location for the fight that might go down in December. Wilder says is well prepped to make it through this tough ordeal.

“He’s ready now, I’m still ready, and we’re going to put on one of the biggest heavyweight title fights in boxing.” Said Wilder, adding that he has to “figure him out at first, but I’m going to knock him out of there for sure — mid-round stoppage. I gotta keep the streak going.”

Fury and Wilder to dance

Deontay Wilder Could face Tyson Fury “very very soon.”
Deontay Wilder Could face Tyson Fury “very very soon.”

This fight could mean more to Fury, and he will understandably attempt to put up a furious defence of his career and reputation.

He is still highly regarded and commands a lot of respect since he still is the lineal champion. Even Wilder acknowledges this fact.

“This is going to be better than Joshua when it all boils down to it … and we know Tyson Fury, in many eyes, is still the champ, he hasn’t been defeated.

He’s still undefeated. He’s still the lineal champion. Once I knock him off, I become that man who beat the man.” Wilder observed.

The heavyweight division is turning out to be an intriguing realm with champions doing everything possible to rise to the top or maintain their status.

It is, however, British star Anthony Joshua who’s calling the shots with three prestigious belts under his custody.

After talks between him and Wilder flopped, he sent out to heavyweight boxers telling them to accept a lower cut of the purse if they want to challenge him for the belts.

Fury has come out guns blazing, telling off Joshua and Eddie Hearn, accusing them of turning British boxing to the laughing stock of the industry.

“I’ve had to come out of retirement to put British boxing back on the map because at the minute we are a laughing stock. “ Said Fury. “The whole of America is laughing at us.”

First things first: What Fury does at Belfast on August 18 will shape his future.

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