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Dallian Whyte Ends Beef With Stormzy

Dallian Whyte Ends Beef With Stormzy

Dallian Whyte ends has beef with Stormzy as he prepares to fight Lucas Brown.
The vendetta between boxing icon Dallian Whyte and grime musician Stomrzy has seemingly been settled, with Whyte extending a welcome note to Stormzy in his oncoming fight against Lucas Browne on March, 24. “He can have tickets to come.” Said Whyte.

The feud between the two stars of different entertainment worlds goes back to 2015 when Stormzy stepped to the ring alongside boxer Antony Joshua in his clash against Whyte at the O2 arena. As Whyte made his way into the arena, Stormzy performed ‘Shut Up’, startling a quarrel that has taken a couple of years to settle.

Among famous verbal exchanges between the two include Stormzy’s line during ‘One Take Freestyle,’ in which he told off Whyte saying, “Threatening me won’t make you the heavyweight champ rudeboy.”
The “rudeboy” reference was a particularly interesting line to throw at Whyte who recently opened up about his past, saying that boxing saved him from death or a jail term.

“I was one of those kids who was not meant to be anything at school. I was either meant to be dead or in prison at this age, to be honest.”
Extending the reconciliatory embrace, Whyte referred to his lash with Stormzy as “little nonsense ” adding that it was important for Stormzy as “part of launching his career.”

Whyte admits that Stormzy’s approach had made him boil with anger, but was putting their dispute to the past.”You have to learn to forgive and move on.” He acknowledged.


Stomzy Wins Brits

Stormzy bagged the British Male Solo Artist and Best British Album at the Brit Awards held in late February and Whyte was quick to rain congratulations.

“Congratulations to him, he’s doing good, and I hope he will continue to do good. I cannot hate on a man for doing good and feeding his family.”
Storm welcomed Whyte’s quell, writing on Twitter, “Yes Dillian all love and respect.”

Whyte, 29, is looking to defend his WBC Silver heavyweight title when he battles Lucas Browne at the O2 arena, a match for which he claims to be well prepared and in good shape.
“I can’t wait,” Said a restless Whyte, “I hate Lucas Browne, and I want to hurt him.”

Even as the fixing of big matches in various categories gets underway, the boxing fraternity is mourning the death of Scott Westgarth who died after his match against Dec Spelman in Donchester.
Whyte paid tribute to the fallen boxer saying; “He died doing something he enjoyed doing.”

He further pointed that the boxer’s death is a reminder that boxing is a dangerous sport where athletes risk their lives and health to make a living and entertain fans. Notwithstanding, Whyte is focused to put down Australian heavyweight champion Browne and is taking no chances.
The resolution to settle the storm between Whyte and Stormzy before the match might prove instrumental in influencing fans, especially if Stormzy confirms attendance. His debut album ‘Gang Signs and Prayer’ topped R&B charts after his win at the BRITS Awards.

Whyte and Browne have openly expressed utter disgust for each other, with Browne boisterously saying that he is a powerful man who can lose all 11 rounds and still come around to floor Whyte in the 12th round.“I’m dangerous to anyone on the planet.”

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