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Carl Frampton has a glass jaw!!

Apparently Carl Frampton has a weak chin, well according to his future opponent Leo Santa Cruz that is. The two fighters are due to step into the ring in July this year and slug it out toe to toe. But all the usual pre-fright hype is raising the stakes as Cruz is determined to show everyone who watches the fight on July thirtieth at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, that Frampton does have a glass jaw. It’s widely known and appreciated that Cruz does have a solid jaw and can absorb a lot of punishment, but now the question has been raised can Frampton do the same?

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In a recent interview with Cruz he had this to say “I’ve never been to New York before and I’m looking forward to this big opportunity to put on a show for new fans in a new city,” said Santa Cruz. “I always fight for the fans, and I’m excited to be able to do that somewhere I haven’t been before. Frampton is a good fighter. He has power and skills, and he moves when he has to, but he has a weak chin. When he gets caught with a good punch, he goes down. He doesn’t like pressure, and I have that. I’m looking forward to putting on an exciting show at Barclays Center, and I hope I leave with lots of new fans.”
Frampton naturally disagrees with all that has been said in the pre-fight build up and is confident he has all he needs to dispatch Cruz when they meet in the ring. He had his own opinions of how the fight will go and spoke to the media recently and said “I am in terrific shape, I feel fantastic in the gym, and I am ready for the biggest fight of my career,” said Frampton. “On July 30 I will become a two-weight world champion. I respect Leo Santa Cruz, and he is a great fighter and person, but I am preparing meticulously to overcome any challenge he brings on July 30. I cannot wait to hear the crowd at Barclays Center. It is my first time boxing in New York, where some of the greatest fights have taken place. I know there will be a significant number of fans travelling from the UK and Ireland but there is also a huge Irish-American audience, and I am eager to show them all what I can do. Get your tickets now, and it’s going to be a great fight!”
This should be a great fight and one for all boxing fans to make sure they watch. One thing is certain, and both men will come to do battle, and only the strongest will survive, the question has to be asked, who will be the winner? Write a comment and let us know who in your opinion will do the business?

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