Matchroom Huge US Deal

Matchroom Huge US Deal

Matchroom Huge US Deal

Matchroom Huge US Deal with DAZN, does this change the Boxing landscape?

Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom boxing now has new headquarters in New York in one of the tower blocks situated in lower Manhattan’s financial district.

Eddie Hearn has to juggle between Essex and the US now that he has signed an incredible agreement with DAZN.

The deal is the largest in boxing history. In fact, there is no other time when a billion-dollar agreement has ever been struck as far as boxing goes.

There will be 16 shows staged in America and fans will just have to stream the fight nights on DAZN.
Eddie Hearn believes this to the beginning of a new era in boxing where there will no longer be a need for the pay-per-view system that is ridiculously expensive for boxing fans.

This mega-deal, valued at 1 billion dollars or £740 million will be extended over eight years. This means a whopping £92.5 million a year. To put things into perspective, Eddie Hearn will be spending up to £5.7 million on each of his 16 shows.

Hearn said, “HBO and Showtime are the two major players over here, and that is a bigger annual budget than they have put together. It’s the biggest deal in boxing history.”



For DAZN, taking over the American market is their next move. Already they are significant in Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan and Switzerland.

We can expect Eddie Hearn to feature his British fighters on DAZN. However, he still has a plan of creating a pool of 30 boxers which will include the best in America.

His attention is already focused on Deontay Wilder. Also on his radar are the twins Jarmall and Jermell Charlo and let’s not forget Mikey Garcia, Adrien Broner and Errol Spence Jr.

British boxing fans certainly have a reason to celebrate. They can stream all 16 shows on DAZN at absolutely no extra costs on Sky Sports.

There is, however, a concern that adding 16 shows in America may have negative consequences on the output of Matchroom boxing in the UK. Hearn, however, thinks otherwise. He said, “My focus won’t change.

The UK is our core business, and that’s how it will remain, but this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I might not have a holiday over the next eight years. It’s a lot of work, but I’m just a travelling salesman.

I’m in and out of hotels at the moment, but maybe I’ll get an apartment.”
Boxing fans should receive fight dates in June.

Hearn will be moving to New York where he will remain for the whole of August. The first show will be held in September.

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