Kid Galahad Wants To Upset Josh Warrington

Kid Galahad Wants To Upset Josh Warrington

Kid Galahad Wants To Upset Josh Warrington

Kid Galahad Wants To Upset Josh Warrington, and take his IBF Title.

Josh Warrington commendably dethroned Lee Selby, but the IBF title the bagged is what fellow Kid Galahad is eyeing,

Notwithstanding, Galahad has pointed out Warrington’s effort as outstanding. Probably acknowledging that the challenge ahead will not be a walk in the park.

“Warrington did what he had to do, he boxed out of his skin and got it spot on. I think he will be a good champion” He told Sky Sports.

The fight between Selby and Warrington was spectacular enough. Considering that Selby defended the IBF featherweight title successfully for six consecutive seasons.

Warrington’s win, therefore, places him on a conspicuous platform where calls for big fights are likely to come in rapidly.

Galahad has come out as one of the early challengers willing to unseat Warrington.

“I do personally believe I have the style to beat him, of course, and I would do it in good fashion. It would be a great fight.”

Galahad said, noting that Selby might have underestimated Warrington who has sharpened his style, which Galahad said is “effective” and “works for him.’’


As the IBF rule dictates the titleholder must defend it within nine months of acquisition. Galahad hopes to be Warrington’s chosen challenger and is not shying from blowing his own trumpet.

“This is the only path I’m thinking about going down. I have to force the fight because no one wants to face someone like me, I can do everything and am very hard to beat.”’

Kid Galahad Wants To Upset Josh Warrington
Kid Galahad Wants To Upset Josh Warrington

The 28-year-old isn’t in boxing by default, but as a path, he chose as a kid. He is unbeaten, having fought 24 bouts and winning 15 of them by knock out and he is looking to propel his career to global fights. Galahad sounds rather ambitious.

“I want a few more solid fights this year, and then Warrington has to fight me within nine months. I want to get on Kell Brook’s next bill. Hopefully, Eddie Hearn can make things happen and get me a final eliminator opportunity’’ Said Galahad.


The IBF ranks the man from Sheffield at number three in the featherweight category, and the WBC ranks him number four. Perhaps believing more in his potential to throw heavier punches, Galahad vacated the European title to chase a world title.

They’re trying to build Warrington in Leeds and get him unification down the line, but I want him to know that I’m coming to gate-crash his party.”

Galahad won his WBC International Super-Bantamweight Championship in 2012 against Jason Booth, and he set his winning path rolling as it was demonstrated through the multiple wins that followed.

In 2014, he won the European Super-Bantamweight in a vicious attack on red Mundraby.

He is no doubt a gifted boxer with the potential and scale upwards, with consistent practice and calculated moves. If he picks a fight with Warrington, he will not only be placing himself appropriately for a world title but also cementing his position as a champion in the category.

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