Chisora Helps Browne Prepare

Chisora Helps Browne Prepare

Derek Chisora helps Lucas Browne prepare for his upcoming fight with Dillian Whyte.

Former European heavyweight champion, Derek Chisora has only served to aggravate Dillian Whyte by tweeting a picture of him sparring with Whyte’s next fight opponent.

Australian heavyweight Lucas Browne. Both Whyte and Browne are set to meet up on March 24 at the O2 Arena in a clash for the WBC Silver Title.

Lucas Browne said that he enjoyed the sparring session and that there was another one scheduled in a week. Chisora also offered Browne advice on how to defeat Dillian Whyte. Browne said, “Dereck is an absolute gentleman, and today’s session was a good hard slog. It was exactly what I needed. We had a good chat about Whyte and what he brings.”

Rodney Williams, Browne’s trainer also said, “The sparring was excellent and just what was required at this stage of Lucas’s preparation. Chisora is a humble man, and we found both him and his trainer, Don Charles, very welcoming and accommodating. We have another session lined up on Wednesday.”

Chisora Helps Browne Prepare
Chisora Helps Browne Prepare


Dillian Whyte and Lucas Brown have openly expressed their hostility towards each other. With Chisora now in the picture, that hostility will only grow. Back in December of 2016, Whyte and Chisora met in Manchester for a grudge match where Whyte came out victorious over a mixed decision.

Lucas Brown who is unbeaten and has won 22 of his 25 matches by knockout taunts Englishman Dillian Whyte by calling him the new Chisora. He said, “To me, he is sort of like the ‘new Chisora’ I feel. He’s very good, don’t get me wrong, Chisora also got  a world title shot, but didn’t win it, and I think he’s much the same. He’s in that boat, much of a gatekeeper so to speak for the world title.”

Tyson Fury is yet another British fighter who has helped Browne prepare for the fight. Browne said, “Complete and utter respect for the man (Fury), in and out of the ring, especially in the ring considering we just had a spar.

“He’s just magic. Being 6 foot 9, and being as long as he is, being able to move the way he does, is just phenomenal.
“It was quite hard for me. I’m fighting Dillian Whyte, he’s nowhere near that long, and I haven’t been sparring anyone that long. To come up against that is a bit daunting for me.”

Chisora later invited Browne to his farm for some sprint work which Browne readily accepted.

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