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James Gallagher for the world title

James Gallagher celebrated his victory over Chinzo Machida at Madison Square Garden. The 20-year-old has now set his sights on the world title. This young fighter has been making quite a name for himself. Defeating his opponent in just under two minutes using an excellent rear naked choke. Starting from an early age, he has been winning against bigger opponents with his skill. Fighting under the Bellator franchise, Gallagher’s next fight is scheduled for November. He is already being compared to UFC great Connor McGregor. James Gallagher has been phenomenal in his recent fights, and he expects to keep on doing so.

A forgettable night for MMA fighter Michael Chandler

American MMA fighter Michael Chandler suffered from one the most forgettable nights of his career. Not only did he lose his lightweight title, but he also went on to suffer from a broken ankle. After all this, he also had to endure a fall when he went to sit on his stool in the corner. Michael Chandler broke his ankle, and Brent Primus captured this opportunity to obtain a TKO win. This defeat made him lose his Bellator Lightweight title to Primus. Later, recovering from the fight in his corner, Chandler tried to stand up, and someone removed his seat, and as a result, he ended up on the floor. Furious he was seen saying to cut it out on his mike.

Connor McGregor in full preparation for his fight

The biggest spectacle of summer, Connor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather is in full swing. John Kavanagh, coach of McGregor, is satisfied with the preparations. He said that Connor should be ready to beat Mayweather within three weeks. Although this might seem a bit cocky, the Straight Blast Gym has proved their worth before. With hardly two months remaining for the match, Kavanagh seems to very confident in his best fighter. They will stay in Ireland for two more weeks before setting up camp in Vegas for final preparations. If things do not go in their favour in the boxing match on August 26th, McGregor has already planned his preparation in the octagon.

Derrick Lewis coming back from retirement

The MMA world was in shock when Derrick Lewis announced his retirement from the sport following his loss to Mark Hunt. Later, Lewis said that it was a heat of the moment decision and that he would be back in the ring. Although he has been nursing a back problem since 2011, Lewis claims he will be back by the end of the year. He faced real issues before his fight against Mark Hunt but went through with it, which probably ended up against him. As of now, he is focused on recovering from his back problems before getting into another fight.

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