McGregor talks about post Alvarez fight

Conor McGregor is no stranger to media attention, speculation and hype, in fact he loves it, it’s become one of his trademarks. So it’s no surprise to see that all the attention has now turned to what will happen “after” his schedules fight with Alvarez on November 12th as he headlines UFC 205. It’s been announced that that Conor McGregor will be forced to vacate either his featherweight or lightweight title if he is able to defeat the organization’s reigning 155-pound champion, Eddie Alvarez.

eddie-alvarezMcGregor had his own thoughts about all the hype surrounding his fight with Alvarez, “I feel great at this weight, I’m lean, a lot leaner. I’m still eating a hell of a lot of food. Obviously it’s tougher to get to featherweight, but I think it’s crazy the way they say I can’t get to featherweight anymore, or all these crazy things, like I ain’t the undisputed champion. Like I haven’t gone in there and taken out the whole division, as early as last year. Like, December of last year, that was. It’s not even been a year. What’s that, eight months, 10 months, whatever? And then they’re talking about stripping and vacating and this type of stuff. Hang on a minute. What did I just go and do there? Did I not just take out that division? Am I not that champion? So wherever I sign, I’m going to fight, and you best believe I’m going to show up and be prepared. At 145, I’m the world champion. I took out them out. I’m damn good at 145, and I’m even better at 155, so wherever.”

McGregor destroyed longtime champion Jose Aldo and was expected to challenge then-UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos. However, Anjos withdrew from the fight claiming a foot injury which left McGregor searching around for an opponent. Up stepped Nate Diaz and the challenge was set, as McGregor agreed to fight at welterweight. McGregor was confidently defeated in his fight with Diaz and under huge controversy was awarded the win in his rematch with Diaz, for many McGregor was not the winner in either fight. But now things have come full circle, and McGregor is once again readying to make his 155-pound UFC debut. So will Alvarez have the means to defeat McGregor or will McGregor continue in his dominance in the UFC?

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