Nate Diaz is ready for Mcgregor’s antics

As press conferences go, the recent fiasco with Nate Diaz and Connor McGregor has to be up there among the best of the best. UFC 202 heated up to almost boiling point as the late arrival of McGregor sparked off a free for all. McGregor arrived 30 minutes late for the press conference, was it more mind games, who knows, but whatever it was it had caused a reaction to all that were present. By the time McGregor arrived Diaz had left the stage and was backstage. Next up pops McGregor and the taunts started. The crowd incited McGregor and it appeared objects were hurled at the fighter. McGregor didn’t 577facaae6ca9_5753d3be5e42b_572c8c876535c_fffffffffftake kindly to this and instead started throwing bottles and beckoning people to come and stand with him face to face.

Diaz arrived back on the scene with his customary hand gestures to McGregor, something that again didn’t go down well. Dana White tried to calm the situation but failed dismally as both fighters continued in their stage show and ignored the officials as well as White. Eventually the situation ended and both fighters went on their way. Diaz addressed the media after the melee and said, “Like I said, that guy McGregor walks in like he was the show, but I thought the show was over, so I left the show. I’m too real for this whole game, and they can’t have a guy like me winning because look at what’s happening,” he said. “I get paid finally, I’ve been stuck in contracts for years, and then they sell the UFC. It’s changing baby, and it’s because of what’s going on here. And if people don’t recognize that they’re tripping. And the same thing, that’s why they threw me right back in there, they want to weed me out and get me out of here before it gets too big. But it’s already an unstoppable force that’s going at a high pace, so the game is in trouble with someone like me winning. So that’s why. They know me and they know that, they hope I don’t win.”

This is set up nicely for the rematch and for most, Diaz is tagged as the favourite, something that McGregor will not be comfortable with. The real question has to be, who will leave the Octagon victorious, who is your money on?


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